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"From time immemorial, the beautiful face has inspired poets, artists, architects and writers. We all know how it feels when a person of incredible beauty, proportions and harmony stands before us - it is mesmerising and often takes our breath away. Plastic surgery as we know it today, is man's application of medical knowledge and science to change the way we look and feel about ourselves safely and predictably. It is a complex marriage of medicine, art and the often unfathomable desires of the human mind, heart and psyche. I am constantly fascinated by the human reaction to the final result and of what we expect of ourselves."
- Dr Woffles Wu
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Meso Botox
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An Update on Botox, Medical Grapevine, January 2005

Meso Botox (or Micro Botox) is a procedure where multiple superficial micro doses of Botox are injected into the skin of the face and neck, causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to shrink and atrophy. This results in smooth clear skin without loss of movement in major facial muscles.

Combining Botox with fillers extend filler effects from 16 weeks to more than 32 weeks. Improved and prolonged skin smoothing via laser therapy can be seen in conjunction with Botox injections. Botox may also be combined with collagen and skin rejuvenation laser therapy.

Botox prevents sweat production for an average 6.5 months in hyperhidrosis. For patients with masseter hypertrophy, Botox can help to contour the lower face to create a slim, feminine jaw line. It takes two to four weeks for onset of effect, and results last for 6 to 12 months. Treatment can be repeated to get the desired change in face shape.

A 15-year review study concludes good safety and tolerability profile across a wide spectrum of uses. Safety was also established in patients having multiple Botox treatment for eight years for cosmetic procedures.

A comparison study was done for Botox versus other formulations of botulinum toxin in eradicating glabellar lines. At week 12, twice as many patients had more than 50% improvement with Botox compared to other formulations.

Better patient satisfaction with appearance and duration of effects with Botox were reported after 20 weeks. A greater proportion of patients on Botox had more relapse-free episodes. Another comparison study showed superior effects compared to preparations containing acetyl hexapeptide for minimizing moderate to severe glabellar rhytids.

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