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"From time immemorial, the beautiful face has inspired poets, artists, architects and writers. We all know how it feels when a person of incredible beauty, proportions and harmony stands before us - it is mesmerising and often takes our breath away. Plastic surgery as we know it today, is man's application of medical knowledge and science to change the way we look and feel about ourselves safely and predictably. It is a complex marriage of medicine, art and the often unfathomable desires of the human mind, heart and psyche. I am constantly fascinated by the human reaction to the final result and of what we expect of ourselves."
- Dr Woffles Wu
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Dr Wu NS Story
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Plastic surgeon

Served: December 1978- July 1987, disrupting for six years in between to study medicine
NS Rank: Captain
Vocation: Medical Officer
Unit: HQ 3rd Division

Article from The Sunday Times

"One of the memorable things that stood out during my NS days was jungle survival training, which I went through before I became a medical officer.

We had this burly commando instructor and the first thing he taught us was to kill a pigeon, which they had already trapped in a cage. He demonstrated, pulling off the head of the pigeon with one strong tug, while us cadets looked on squeamishly.

Then, looking straight at me, he boomed: 'Now you try.'

At this point, I was already going to faint, but I had to put on a brave front as my fellow cadets were egging me on.

First, I had a tough time subduing the bird, which was fluttering around in the cage. When I finally grabbed it, worse was to follow - the other guys kept shouting 'pull the head, pull the head' but despite many tugs, I simply couldn't pull its head off.

Then they told me that if I kept doing it so gently, I was just torturing the poor bird. So I took a deep breath, summoned my strength and plucked its head off.

The instructor told me I then had to suck its blood - and he was serious - but at this point I had already turned green and had to sit down.

On the bright side, since I had already killed the bird, someone else had to kill the next animal - a snake."

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